This week we released the entirety of Conclave‘s first campaign, Legacy of the Dweller, which increases the total number of adventures available to 25 and completes the primary story arc introduced in the very first adventure.

While in some ways this is just the starting point of the game’s life – we’ve got additional features to implement, improvements to make, and stories to explore – it’s also a major milestone, perhaps not unlike a birth. With that in mind, here’s a look back at what we’ve developed for Conclave over the last several months of its gestation.

Legacy of the Dweller

One of many new locations found in Legacy of the Dweller

  • Improved graphics & sound: Combat now displays simple animations and sound effects for your actions, and Sam Hulick composed a fantastic soundtrack for the game.
  • Quests that scale from solo to four players: Quests adjust combats based on the exact number of players in your party. Before, quests had only “small party” and “large party” variants.
  • New item slots and usable items: Items are no longer just hand-held weapons and armor, and some grant you additional abilities you can use in combat, not just passive bonuses.
  • Increased depth to combat: Combat now pays attention to line of sight and includes hidden traps both mechanical and arcane. Conditions like inspired also have opposing conditions like dazed that will trump them, making combat a little less simple.
  • More significant story decisions: The decisions you make can affect ensuing combats, with either characters or their foes starting damaged or with a special condition. They can also lead to …
  • Distinctions: When acquired by your party, distinctions unlock special options in the story as well as new items in the Vault of Arms.
  • Discovered items: Speaking of new items, you’ll occasionally find them on your quests as well, and these won’t be ones you can obtain through the Vault.
  • Customizable character progression: When you level – and characters can reach level 10 in Legacy of the Dweller – you now choose from among a large set of abilities based on your stats and skills, giving you a way to tailor your character to your own style of play.
  • Friends lists & presence: You can keep track of your favorite players and see when they and anyone in your party are online.
  • More intuitive stats: We converted character stats to use the same scale so that a +1 to Agility has the same impact on Dodge as a direct +1 Dodge bonus, making the system much easier to understand. (A +1 to Agility has other benefits, of course.)

While it’s taken us a little longer than we’d hoped to reach this point, we’re pretty happy with that list of changes, and we hope you’ll check them out. Expect to see more in the coming months.