Conclave on Steam

Conclave is available on Steam! Check it out here. The Windows version is available now, and the Mac version is in the works.

It’s been a long road, and we’ve made a number of improvements since the game made it through Steam Greenlight. Character portraits and icons have been remastered; combat has more animations; fonts and much of the interface got makeovers; and encounters are better balanced. We’ve also spent a good amount of time upgrading the game’s engine and servers to better handle larger numbers of players.

If you backed the full game during our original Kickstarter, you should have already received a message about how to get your copy of the Steam version. We’ll be doing the same for everyone who purchased the web version through our online store.

Looking ahead, we’ve got a couple of updates in the pipeline that we plan to release in the near term. After that, we’ll be taking stock of whether we can put together an expansion or sequel.