If you’re not following @10x10Room on Twitter, you might not have heard our big news: Conclave is open to the public!

We’ve put a ton of work into the game, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to show it off. We don’t think anyone else has made a game quite like it. A multiplayer RPG set in an original fantasy world that you can play from any web-enabled PC, tablet, or phone? And that you can play whenever you have a few minutes of free time, even if you and your friends have different schedules? Sounds kind of crazy even to us, really.

Since we’re a three-person team and this is still a beta release, expect a few rough edges here and there. We’re opening up the game now because we’d like you to help shape it from here on out, and we need your feedback for that.

But enough talk. Go play, and tell us what you think!