We haven’t posted much recently, and there’s a good reason for that: we’ve been very busy cranking out features and improvements to Conclave. Here’s what we’ve accomplished since the last time we posted:

Usable items

The Runehammer and Alchemist’s Pitch are among the new utility items.

  • Leveling up lets you customize your character by choosing which abilities to learn and which traits to increase.
  • We also added a slew of new abilities, including ones that let you create terrain on the battlefield and abjure magic-using foes.
  • We introduced usable items to the Vault of Arms. These items take up a new utility slot in your inventory and grant limited-use abilities for your characters, such as a Brace of Knives you can throw or a Stone Draught you can quaff.
  • Quests play atmospheric music tracks composed by Sam Hulick of Mass Effect 3 and Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. We’ve revealed three tracks so far and will have several more in the final release.
  • Combat features animated token movement, with additional visual effects coming soon.
  • Character creation offers 30 portraits to choose from, with three options for each combination of race and gender. All the portraits feature striking art by Chris Rahn.
  • The user interface indicates whether your party mates are online.
  • The game’s numbers and mechanics now use a common scale so that you no longer need to wonder how a +1 Agility bonus compares to a +5 Dodge bonus.
  • You can play multiple characters at the same time in different tabs of your browser.
  • We’ve streamlined the user interface for quest selection.

In addition, we’re well on our way toward completing the full campaign of quests, which will include revised and expanded versions of all our current quests plus about the same number of totally new ones. Here’s one of the new maps you’ll encounter:


We also have a number of other features in development, such as friends lists, line-of-sight targeting for ranged attacks, and more ways that your party’s choices can affect how the game and the story play out.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, we always appreciate hearing from you on our forums and our feedback app.